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Owner Name: James Z Dooley Address: 5b Holden Brook Close Leigh, Lancashire WN7 2HL Phone: 01942 703543 Business Email: Website: Keywords: Corporate Video Production, Venue Video Production, Promotional Video for Schools, Promotional Videos for Events, School Film Production, Showreel Video Production, Company Corporate Showreel Film Creation, Venue Film Creation, Aerial Photography, Aerial Videography, Golf Flyover, Time Lapse Photography, Time Lapse Video Production, Aerial UK Photographer, Aerial UK Videographer, Wedding Photographer, Wedding Videographer, Wedding Video Production, Video Production UK Company, Video Production Agency, Website Video Creation Agency, Professional Company Showreel Creator, Showreel Video Production Specialists, Marketing Video Production Agency, Online Digital Video Creator, Real Estate Videographer, Real Estate Photographer, Showreel Marketing Videos, Showreel TimeLapse Photos, Showreel TimeLapse Videography, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Showreel Video Production Editing Description: PromoPixa carries out a whole host of video production services and photography. The creation of these marketing videos are a great asset to companies in the UK to showreel their services and promotion videos are being used by UK Schools to generate more interest in students joining, event video production to promote the amazing memories and showcase why the public should not be missing the next big event planned, sports clubs like golf courses and tennis facilities which is generally done by aerial videographers. Photography is another amazing marketing tool to promote special events, weddings, companies, real estate building when up for sale and these can then be shared throughout social media platforms like youtube, flickr, twitter and google plus. Showreel video production on company websites can promote all the services and show potential customers within minutes why the business is the market leader in their particular niche. As market leaders in videography and photography within the UK we can offer a whole range of products to meet all budgets as the costs and prices can vary depending on time and specification in shooting the images and also in the video editing time taken and photo editing time to do the works.

PROMOPIXA. James Dooley


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